Welcome to my online collection of my professional design work.

Feel free to peruse the artwork and designs featured here and by all means, please leave a comment or two or three if you should so desire.

Commercial Sign Design has been my Life’s Passion, as I was fortunate enough to have had the great distinction of being the daughter of one of the finest Sign Artists that ever lived.

I was raised in the environment of a family owned successful sign shop, and lived and breathed signs and 1-Shot Sign Enamel.

I am a member of The Letterheads, a community of Professional Sign People, and have been to two of their meets.

I also have the pleasure of calling myself an “Award-Winning Designer”…as I have had the honor of being featured in Signs of The Times magazine in 2008. ¬†One of my signs won Second Place in their 2008 International Sign Design Competition.

  1. Larry A. Burns

    Hi! Judy, I lost the web site to: The Sign Painters Movie that is out of California and
    Linkedup can’t find it. If you got it could you send me a copy. I’am going to open a stand
    at Fleamasters Fleamarket hope-in-ly that will give us both a lot of work. me a lot of sign
    sales and you a lot of sign designing.

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